1. On the proper use of the information collected from users


1.1 The information that STATOORD S.R.L. collects in its web portal when the user enters his personal data will be treated under strict confidentiality and privacy in accordance with Law 172-13 on Personal Data Protection, so you will be aware of its use. In case the user requests that your personal information be removed from our web portal and apps because you decided not to continue using our services, you can formally request it through our email servicioalcliente@statoord.com.


1.2 Our web portal only requires the provision of information from users who decide to use our services. In the event that the user only wants to browse our web portal or mobile application to learn about our products and services will not be required to provide personal information.


1.3 Among the information that we may request from the user of our services are: a) personal data, b) satisfaction surveys, and c) customer service surveys and information required for product offerings. In the event that STATOORD S.R.L. decides to publish in its social networks a satisfaction survey containing personal information of a user, the user's consent will be previously and expressly requested.


1.4 The use that will be given to the data provided by the user will be collected in order to be used for marketing activities, communication, and to identify whether the user is really the owner of the means of payment registered in your account. In case the user provides untruthful or fraudulent information, STATOORD S.R.L. reserves the right to inform the bank issuing the cards, the payment processing platform, or the competent authority to verify the validation of the data and contribute to the prevention of fraud, pursuant to Law no. 172-13 on Personal Data Protection. 


1.5 If the user chooses to have his order delivered at home, the company STARTOORD, SRL, will provide the carrier the information of name, address, telephone, email and recipient's data, always in accordance with the provisions of Law 172-13 on Protection of Personal Data.


1.6 The data provided by the user in our web portal, such as which pages you access and your preferences may be used by the company STATOORD S.R.L. in order to improve our services and for the benefit of our users. 


1.7 STATOORD S.R.L. undertakes not to provide the data collected from users to other companies or individuals who are not part of the company.


1.8 The user is responsible for not disclosing his/her user name and passwords to third parties, for making good use of the platform, and for providing correct and updated information.


2. Proper use of "Cookies".


2.1 "Cookies" are files created by the websites you visit and the cache of your browser, which help pages load faster. These are small text files that ask for your permission to be placed on your computer's hard drive.


Cookies are only data, not code, do not contain or affect personal or private data, cannot delete or read information from the users' computer and do not represent a virus risk. However, they can detect the pages visited by a user on a particular website or set of sites. This information can be collected in a user profile.


2.2 With cookies, STATOORD S.R.L. can verify which product is more visible and what information its users are looking for on its website, in order to determine which product or service should be continued and which should be discarded.


2.3 It is important that the user knows that the use of cookies does not give us access to your computer or personal information that the user has not previously provided us in our information gathering forms. 


3. Security Systems of the web portal


3.1 Below you will be able to verify the security system that STATOORD S.R.L. has designed to protect its users during the purchase of our products and navigation in our web portal:

a. Certificate of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) AWS, pioneer company and one of the most important in certification of purchasing systems in the world. This certificate ensures that all your personal data such as shipping address, credit card details and order history travel encrypted between your browser and our servers, preventing access to information by third parties.


b. Electronic payments made by users on our web portal www.statoord.com or mobile application Statoord will be under the security standards of "PCI Standard", which complies with the standards of Mastercard and VISA, at the request of these. The payment methods used by STATOORD S.R.L. are third party services. These third party services (AZUL), comply with all security and encryption standards to keep your information secure. They will only use the information necessary to complete the required process. We also recommend reading the Privacy Policies of these providers to better understand how they handle the information provided.


c. The user will be asked at the time of registration, to AGREE to receive the Newsletter to communicate offers and services, together with the sending of the same in their emails. The user will be able to request to DEACTIVATE this option at any time. If the user decides to cancel such sending, he/she may request it through our e-mail servicioalcliente@statoord.com.  STATOORD S.R.L. will have at least two (2) working days to process your cancellation request. 


d. The information contained in the web portal may not be used, modified or copied without the prior written consent of STATOORD S.R.L., since all the information contained in our web portal is property of STATOORD S.R.L.


e. The users who choose domicile in the city of Santo Domingo, STATOORD S.R.L. will only make safe deliveries, since we only deliver the order to the same person who requests the products or to the person who authorizes the user to be received, and the user must present his/her identity document, the carrier will take pictures of the identity document and the order to verify that it is in optimal conditions. In addition, the order must be in a house, apartment, local, because we do not deliver any order outdoors or streets, for the safety of our users and our staff.   


f. Users who choose the option of shipping to the interior of the country STATOORD S.R.L. will only make safe shipments through the company Vimenpaq, where the user can pick up their packages at the branch chosen by him and only deliver the order to the same person who requests the products or to the person authorized by the user to be received, and the user must present his identity document.


4. Tools and customer services offered to our users


4.1 Below we establish the different ways and channels in which STATOORD S.R.L. will be in continuous communication with its users to ensure a safe and satisfactory purchase.


1. Our customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm, you can communicate through our online chat within our web portal.


2. Outside working hours you can communicate via email servicioalcliente@statoord.com and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.


3. The user can also communicate via our social networks, where you will have an answer as soon as possible.


5. Regarding Third Parties and links


5.1 STATOORD S.R.L. may transfer the personal data of users collected to subcontractors, as well as to companies specialized in fraud prevention for fraud protection. We may transfer our databases containing your personal information if we sell our business or part of it, in case this happens, the user will be notified 15 days in advance of the change of management, complying with the parameters indicated in the Law 172-13 of protection of personal data. Apart from the provisions of this Privacy Policy, we may not sell or disclose your data to third parties without first obtaining your prior consent, unless it is necessary for the purposes set out above in this policy or we are required to do so by law. Our Sites may contain third party advertising and links to other sites.


6. User's authorization for the creation of your account on the Web Portal


6.1 STATOORD S.R.L. will give you the option to accept the terms and conditions of use at the time of the creation of the user account so that you can expressly confirm that you are informed of the use that will be made of your personal data collected.


7. Procedure for the exercise of personal data protection rights


7.1 In case the User of the web portal requires a modification, rectification or cancellation of the use of his/her personal data in the STATOORD S.R.L. web portal, he/she may request the same via e-mail servicioalcliente@statoord.com.


7.2 The web portal will have a tab called "My account" at the beginning of the session where you can access your personal data and make changes to them.


7.3 STATOORD S.R.L. reserves the right not to cancel the user's personal information in its web portal, in case the user has a commercial, legal or contractual duty with the company.


8. Security measures of the collected user data.


8.1 In accordance with the provisions of Law 172-13 on data protection, the company STATOORD S.R.L. will take the necessary technical and administrative actions to prevent the data collected from users of the web portal from falling into the hands of unauthorized third parties.


9. Minimum age of the user allowed on the web portal


9.1 The user of the web portal of the company STATOORD S.R.L. may only be used by a person over eighteen years of age, which is the age required in the Dominican Republic to enter into the obligations established in this privacy policy.

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