1. Dispatch of products


a. The products purchased through www.statoord.com or mobile application Statoord will be subject to the conditions of dispatch and delivery chosen by the User and available on our portal www.statoord.com or mobile application Statoord.


b. If the User selects shipping within the City of Santo Domingo, it will be through "Home Delivery" and if the User selects shipping to the interior of the Country, it will be through "Shipping by parcel" where the user must select the branch where he/she wishes to pick up the order, the products may be sent to the User, respecting the Terms and Conditions of Use of www.statoord.com., paying the amount shown on the payment page of STATOORD S.R.L. as shipping amount.


c. If the User resides outside the country, the shipment will be made through "Shipping abroad", the products may be sent to the User, respecting the Terms and Conditions of Use of www.statoord.com., paying the amount shown in the STATOORD S.R.L. payment page as the shipping amount.


d. In case the User resides in an area where our carriers cannot access, STATOORD S.R.L. will contact the User to arrange a favorable meeting point for the same and thus proceed with the delivery, the cost of the shipment will be assumed by STATOORD S.R.L.


e. The information on the place of shipment is the sole responsibility of the User, especially with regard to the accuracy of the data provided in order to make a correct and timely delivery. In the event of an error in the address provided by the User, the order may not arrive on the date indicated and the User may have to incur additional costs. The User may only request the change of address or branch before the order leaves the facilities of STATOORD S.R.L. by entering "My account", must choose the option my orders and process the change of address or branch, taking into account that at the time of making the change the shipping cost and delivery time may change due to the new address SUPPLIED.


f. The terms chosen for dispatch and delivery are counted from the moment STATOORD S.R.L. validates the purchase order and the means of payment used, being considered working days for the fulfillment of such term.


g. The User will be able to view the status of his/her order at any time in "My account", "My orders".


h. At the moment of receiving the product, the Recipient shall validate that the box or bag containing the product is sealed and has no signs of previous opening; in case he/she detects this, he/she shall not receive the product, and shall immediately contact STATOORD S.R.L. In case the product was received in good conditions and complete, the customer or the person authorized by the customer shall sign the acceptance of the delivery, thus expressing his/her conformity with the same. After the acceptance of the product and documentary signature, the User will be able to present claims for damages in the product or lacking in the delivery according to what is established in the "Policies of Cabios, Returns and Guarantees" if it is the case. 


2. Estimated time of each shipment


a. STATOORD S.R.L. will indicate the estimated delivery time at the time of your purchase. However, such term may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure; therefore, STATOORD S.R.L. will communicate with the user to indicate the estimated date and time of delivery. 


b. Shipments within the city of Santo Domingo will have a delivery time of 2 business days and for shipments outside the city of Santo Domingo, the estimated delivery time is 2-5 business days from the time the order is dispatched.


c. Shipments outside the country will have a delivery time of 2-6 business days from the time the order is shipped.


d. It is the Recipient's responsibility to inform that he/she will not be at the determined location at the time of delivery since a delivery notification will be sent in advance. In the event that the Recipient is not present, and has not authorized another person to receive the order, an attempt will be made to contact the customer at the telephone number described in the customer's account. In case the communication has not been possible STATOORD S.R.L. will inform the customer to request the shipment again, after two failed delivery attempts the user will bear the new shipping costs.


e. The product delivery hours are from 9:00am to 6:00pm from Monday to Friday and from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays.


3. Conditions for the shipment of items to be returned


a. STATOORD S.R.L. is responsible for the return shipping costs if the purchased product does not correspond to the one ordered or if the purchased product does not comply with the inherent characteristics, as long as it is within 7 days to exercise the right of return.


b. For shipments outside the country, STATOORD S.R.L. will not make changes or returns.


c. If the return is different according to the previous paragraph, the customer assumes the costs and logistics related to the return of the article. As a general rule, the customer must request the collection of his package/product/item to proceed to return the product. If the customer exercises the right of return, this is within 7 days of purchasing the product.


d. If the customer is in Santo Domingo and at the time of picking up the product is not in its original packaging, we will not proceed with the collection of the product. 


e. If during the return process the customer sends the product(s) to STATOORD S.R.L. but the product(s) to be returned does not meet the requirements to be accepted by STATOORD S.R.L., such as the general conditions for a return for crediting or replacement, stated above, the product will be returned to the address registered by the customer and neither the crediting to his user account nor the replacement of the item will be made. STATOORD S.R.L. will notify of this situation via e-mail. The customer can coordinate the shipment of the products again, assuming that it will be his responsibility to pay for the shipment of the products.

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