It is considered a cancellation of an order those that have already been paid by the customer, but have not been dispatched by STATOORD S.R.L.


The customer has the possibility to request a cancellation of the order if it has not been shipped by STATOORD S.R.L. To request the cancellation of the order the customer must send an email to Indicating the reason for the cancellation. Once this return request with resolution type "Cancellation" is communicated to STATOORD S.R.L. in writing, the cancellation process will start and the case will be evaluated. It will be validated if the reason for which the customer requests the cancellation of the order is justified or not. As long as the cancellation is made within the period for exercising the right of withdrawal, it will be accepted.


When the case evaluation process has been completed, it will be determined whether the cancellation is "ACCEPTED" or "REJECTED" in writing to the client. If applicable, the order will be cancelled and the value of the cancelled order will be credited to the user's account in our portal or mobile application Statoord, so that the user can proceed to make a new purchase.


In the event that the "CANCELLATION" request does not proceed, which will be notified to the customer with the reasons, the order will continue its course and the customer will be charged for the order along with the handling and shipping charges. 

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