This document describes the "Terms and Conditions of Use" applicable to the access, purchase of products and use of the services offered by STATOORD S.R.L. ("products and services") within the site, Statoord mobile application and other related domains (urls) (hereinafter "STATOORD S.R.L.", "" or the "Portal"), where these Terms and Conditions are found. Any person who wishes to access and subscribe, use the Portal or Statoord mobile application, purchase products or the Services may do so subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use together with all other policies that govern and that are incorporated herein or by reference or that are explained and detailed in other sections of the Portal. 


The User must read, understand and accept all the conditions set forth in the terms below prior to registration as a User of or Statoord mobile application and the Acquisition of products and submission of any data for any purpose. 


1. Modification of the agreement


STATOORD S.R.L. may modify these policies once such changes are approved by the National Institute of Consumer Rights (PROCONSUMIDOR) and subsequently notified the new version from our email or through the website, mobile application and social networks within a period not exceeding two (2) working days after approval. The user must communicate by email to if he/she accepts or not, within a period of (8) working days, being able to retract by sending us an email so that STATOORD S.R.L. can proceed to disassociate the user.


2. Registration, Account in StatooRD and use of the Portal


In order to access the services and purchase products from or Statoord mobile application, the person must first register by filling in all the fields with valid data to become a user in STATOORD S.R.L. ("The User"). By registering the User undertakes and guarantees that the User Account is personal and assumes the commitment to update the Personal Data as necessary. The User's account credentials and data must be safeguarded and protected by the User. The Users guarantee and respond in any case, of the accuracy, veracity, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data entered. 


a) Once registered, the User will have his/her email address and a secret password (hereinafter the "Password") that will allow him/her personalized and confidential access. Whenever required, the User may change the Password, according to the procedure established in the Portal. We recommend keeping your email address and password under the strictest confidentiality. As stated above, the User is solely responsible for all activities that take place on the User's User Account and User Websites (including all representations, warranties and undertakings made therein). The User is also responsible for all damages, expenses and losses that may result from such activities. By registering as a User, the User agrees not to use the account, username or password of another User, or disclose the User's password to any third party as this may jeopardize the security of the User's account. The user may communicate through our online chat within the web portal, via email or through our telephone line (809) 807-7107 of any misuse or unauthorized use of your Account and Password, as well as the entry by unauthorized third parties to the same. It is clarified that the sale, assignment, loan or transfer of the Password and Account under any title is prohibited.


b) The User's registration is personal and cannot be transferred for any reason to third parties. In this sense, no user may sell, attempt to sell, assign or transfer a user or password. Therefore, STATOORD S.R.L. may suspend or definitively cancel an account in the event of a sale, assignment or transfer, in violation of the provisions of this paragraph, such suspension or cancellation will be communicated to the User through our e-mail


c) The User must provide correct and truthful information when creating his/her User Account for the use of the Services of or Statoord mobile application, for which the User, whether a natural person, is the sole and exclusive right holder. The data provided must be of the owner of the account created as a user properly, data such as: name, address, email account and telephone numbers, may be used by STATOORD S.R.L. to identify and confirm the owner of the user account.


d) STATOORD S.R.L. may carry out the controls it deems convenient to verify the truthfulness of the information provided by the User. In case of disqualification, STATOORD S.R.L. may cancel the purchase made, without any right to compensation, payment or indemnification. In case of temporary suspension of the account or cancellation of the order, STATOORD S.R.L. will communicate to the User the time of suspension of the account and any notification regarding the order, through the e-mail


e) If any fraudulent use, malicious and contrary to these Terms and Conditions of Use, contrary to good faith and contrary to those stated in point 6. Obligations and Declarations of the User that harm the proper functioning of the platform and other users of the portal is confirmed, STATOORD S.R.L. will proceed with placing the User's account in a verification process, as well as his orders to proceed with a complaint to the authorities of the Dominican Republic, previously the customer will be notified via email.


f) If any of the reasons for suspension or cancellation stipulated in the Terms and Conditions of Use occur, STATOORD S.R.L. will proceed to suspend or cancel the User's account, prior notification of the reasons for the decision within 24 hours prior to the suspension or cancellation.  


3.    Obligations and Declarations of the User


By using the Services, the User warrants that:


i. The User is solely responsible for the uses of the Services occurring under its User Account and its online presence, including its content. 


ii. It is the User's responsibility to pay the full amount of the products to be purchased and services to be contracted prior to the delivery of the products and the performance of such services. 


iii. It is also the User's responsibility to provide his/her contact number, and if the User decides that a person other than him/her should receive the product, he/she must also indicate the telephone number of the person to whom the product is to be shipped (hereinafter, the "Recipient").      


iv. The User accepts that the cost of the contracted product or service does not include the home delivery service, which must be paid in addition to the initial cost. However, the gift wrapping upon request at the time of finalizing the purchase, has no additional cost. 


v. The User undertakes to make diligent use of the STATOORD S.R.L. Platform in full compliance with the Law, good customs and these Terms and Conditions of Use. The use made by the User of the Platform shall be made at his/her exclusive risk and responsibility.


vi. All information provided by the User must be truthful and updated. To this effect, the User guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated as a consequence of the diligence of the forms included in the Platform and in the registration space of his/her account in STATOORD S.R.L. as well as for STATOORD S.R.L. promotions.


vii. The User may not use any material and information contained in the Platform for illicit purposes expressly prohibited in these Terms and Conditions of Use.


4.    Notifications


By accepting to receive notifications through the "Newsletter", the User grants consent to receive e-mails with special and different promotions from STATOORD S.R.L. The authorization to receive notifications may be cancelled by the User at any time.


5.    Intellectual Property Rights 


a) All contents, including names, logos, trademarks, patents, designs, texts, software, images and databases included or accessible through the Website, are subject to the industrial and intellectual property rights of STATOORD S.R.L. or third party licensors. Under no circumstances does access to the Platform imply any kind of waiver, retransmission or total or partial transfer of the aforementioned rights, nor does it confer any right of use, alteration, transformation, reproduction, distribution, public communication or any other type of exploitation of the contents and intellectual and industrial property rights, without the prior and express authorization specifically granted for such purpose and in writing by STATOORD S.R.L. And in accordance with the principles of good faith.  If STATOORD S.R.L. sees any content that may violate intellectual and industrial property rights, please inform us as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to the address


b) At no time does STATOORD S.R.L. grant property rights over the software and other intellectual property rights specified in paragraph (a). It is essential that the User respects STATOORD S.R.L.'s intellectual property rights.


6.    Intellectual property of third parties


STATOORD S.R.L. is a company that respects the laws and does not intend to take advantage of the reputation of third parties, appropriating the intellectual property protected by them. Therefore, STATOORD S.R.L. certifies that they are authentic to the brand that specifies and legally entered the country by our suppliers. Taking this into account, if you suspect that any product found on our website infringes intellectual property rights of third parties or infringes legally protected rights, please notify us by writing to to remove such products and initiate appropriate actions to prevent this from happening.


7.    Payments


a) When contracting the services of STATOORD S.R.L. the user may decide the payment method of his convenience authorizing STATOORD S.R.L. to manage the collection of the services: 



i. Credit and debit cards processed by Azul: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


ii. Bank transfer and bank deposit to the accounts that will be indicated at the time of the transaction. When making a bank transfer you must send your proof of payment with the order number to Once the deposit is made in our account, we will confirm the sale.


iii. Popular Payment Button.


iv. Balance in favor. Credit that will be reflected in favor of the User in his/her account at or Statoord mobile application, which may be used for purchases that the User wishes to make at STATOORD S.R.L. The Credit Balance is obtained by crediting the User as a refund in accordance with the return and guarantee policies.


b) The products and services offered in the Site, unless a different form is indicated for particular cases or offers of certain goods or services, can only be paid with the means specified above.


c) When the User provides us with a payment method, he/she confirms that he/she is authorizing the use of such payment method. You also authorize us and our designated payment processor to collect and store all information related to the transaction until the User's deletion. All these forms of payment require verification and authorization, so once the order is authorized we will send you an email with the electronic invoice, expressly accepting the User the sending of the invoice in the referred format.


d) The prices of the products and services offered in are expressed in Dominican Pesos (RD$) including the ITBIS that applies. The prices correspond exclusively to the value of the goods offered plus ITBIS and do not include transportation, handling, shipping, accessories that are not expressly described, nor any other additional element or bank interest charges for the payment method used.


e) The User agrees to make payment for the products and services contracted in Dominican pesos prior to delivery thereof, through the Platform, in accordance with the amount indicated for that purpose in the same.


f) The user is responsible for the correct use of your Credit or Debit Card, so in case of theft or fraud should immediately inform your issuing bank and us to proceed with the cancellation of the transaction if necessary. 


 8.    Dispatch of products


a) The products purchased through or mobile application Statoord will be subject to the conditions of dispatch and delivery chosen by the User, which can be found in the Shipping Policies in our portal


b) If the User selects shipment within the City of Santo Domingo, it will be through "Home Delivery" and if the User selects shipment to the interior of the Country, it will be through "Delivery by Parcel" where the User must select a branch of the transportation company Vimenpaq, informing where he/she wishes to pick up the order, the products may be sent to the User, respecting the Terms and Conditions of Use here exposed, paying the amount shown in the payment page of or Statoord Mobile Application as the amount of transportation.


c) The information of the place of shipment is the sole responsibility of the User, especially with regard to the accuracy of the data indicated in order to make a correct and timely delivery. In the event of an error in the address provided by the User, the order may not arrive on the date indicated and the User may incur additional costs. The User may only request the change of address or branch before the order leaves STATOORD S.R.L. facilities by entering "My account", choose the option "My orders" and process the change of address or branch, taking into account that at the time of making the change the shipping cost and delivery time may change due to the new address SUPPLIED.


d) The terms chosen for dispatch and delivery are counted from the moment STATOORD S.R.L. validates the purchase order and the means of payment used, being considered working days for the fulfillment of such term.


e) The User will be able to visualize at any time the status of his/her order in "My account", "My orders".


f) At the moment of receiving the product, the Recipient shall validate that the box or bag containing the product is sealed and has no signs of previous opening; in case he/she detects this, he/she shall not receive the product, and shall immediately contact STATOORD S.R.L. In case the product was received in good conditions and complete, the customer or the person authorized by the customer shall sign the acceptance of the delivery, thus expressing his/her conformity with the same. After the acceptance of the product and documentary signature, the User will be able to present claims for damages in the product or lacking in the delivery according to what is established in the "Policies of Changes, Returns and Guarantees" described here described, if it is the case. 


 9.   Estimated time of each shipment


a) STATOORD S.R.L. will indicate the estimated delivery time at the time of your purchase. However, such term may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure; therefore, STATOORD S.R.L. will communicate with the user to indicate the estimated date and time of delivery. 


b) Shipments within the city of Santo Domingo will have a delivery time of 2 business days and for shipments outside the city of Santo Domingo, the estimated delivery time is 2-5 business days from the time the order is dispatched.  


c) It is the responsibility of the Recipient or sender to inform that he/she will not be at the determined location at the time of delivery since a delivery notification will be sent in advance. In the event that the Recipient will not be found, and has not authorized another person to receive the order, an attempt will be made to communicate with the customer at the telephone number described in their account. In case the communication has not been possible STATOORD S.R.L. will inform the customer to request the shipment again, after two failed delivery attempts the user will bear the new shipping costs.     


d) Product delivery hours are from 9:00am to 6:00pm from Monday to Friday and from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays.


10.   Evaluations


The User may evaluate the service provided by or Staroord mobile application by clicking on it and provide his/her comments on it, in order for STATOORD S.R.L. to improve the user experience and customer service of the platform, these comments may be removed in the following cases: 


i. If the user provides personal data, such as telephone numbers, addresses, id, credit card numbers.


ii. If the User uses inappropriate vocabulary, insults and obscene words.


iii. If we find that a product has bad ratings from many Users, we make an evaluation to determine whether to remove it from circulation, so we guarantee that we are always providing you the best in price and quality.


11.  Specials, coupons and promotions


a) The bases of the specials, coupons and promotions will be published and communicated to the user. These are for a limited time and may be modified at any time with 3 days notice. These are only applicable within our web page or Staroord mobile application, and will NOT be valid to be exchanged for cash.


b) To apply for coupons the customer must be registered and logged in to our website. These coupons can only be used once per customer. STATOORD S.R.L. will send offers, coupons and promotions through the newsletter and its social networks, if authorized by the User. The User may cancel the option to receive notifications of offers, coupons and promotions at any time, through his/her customer profile. 


c) The validity period of the offers is that which coincides with the effective date indicated in the promotion. 


d) STATOORD S.R.L. may at any time modify the information contained in the Portal regarding the products or services offered, as well as their prices, availability, making the change evident to the user in the portal. Such changes will not affect the User once the transaction has been carried out.


e) The User agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the promotions, specials that STATOORD S.R.L. carries out.


12.  Responsibility of STATOORD S.R.L.


The User's access to the Account and to the Site may be occasionally restricted or suspended in order to perform repairs, maintenance or introduce new services and functionalities, in such events STATOORD S.R.L. will notify the User at least five (5) days in advance of the temporary suspension of the access to the page as well as the duration of the suspension thereof. 


13.  Termination and its effects


a) The User may unilaterally cancel the use of the services of or the Statoord mobile application by sending an e-mail to


b) STATOORD S.R.L. may unilaterally cancel the services and the User's account in any of the following cases:


i. If there is an omission of payment or payment of an incorrect fee by the User, this may occur in the event that the payment has been made by deposit or bank transfer.


ii. If the user fails to comply with any of the obligations set forth in this agreement.


iii. Make use of the Portal in an improper or illicit manner, impersonating a person without his authorization. In such events, cancellation of services such as the user's account will be notified of the cancellation at least 24 hours in advance.


c) If the account is terminated either by the User or by STATOORD S.R.L. it may result in the loss of content, end-user data and account features.


14.    Comments, concerns and complaints


Any comments, concerns or complaints about our Terms and Conditions of Use, our Privacy and Cookies Policy, Exchange Policy, Returns and Warranties, or any legal documentation, must be notified in writing to STATOORD S.R.L. at


 15. Applicable Law 


These Terms and Conditions of Use are intended to be executed in the Dominican Republic, and the applicable and supplementary legislation of such country shall govern the validity, performance, execution and interpretation of these services.


In case of dispute, controversy or claim in the execution or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions of Use, the User grants jurisdiction to the common law courts of the Dominican Republic and to the administrative institutions created for that purpose.

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